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„Inspiration is a state or process in which a person receives ideas, creativity or motivation. It can be triggered by various sources such as art, music, nature, books or other people. Inspiration can lead to someone developing new ideas, unfolding their creativity or being motivated to achieve certain goals. It is often an important part of the artistic creative process and can also be important in other areas of life.“

„Creativity is the ability to develop new and original ideas, concepts or solutions. It involves thinking outside the box, connecting seemingly unrelated information or concepts, and finding new ways to solve problems or address challenges. Creativity can be applied in various fields such as art, music, literature, science, technology and business. It often requires flexibility, imagination and a willingness to take risks. Creativity can be fostered by various factors such as inspiration, experience, environment and thought processes.“
Jan Schlegel – Workshop

Born in Munich – Inspired by Simon, Erich, Martin, Jan, Marcus and lots more – thank you so much – lab. manual. analog. film. largeformat. mine.